Yoga in St. Anton am Arlberg is more than just skin deep and can lead you to unknown spheres of wellbeing. Get close to mountains, and even closer to yourself. At the Gletscherblick Hotel, you’ll now find everything you need to relax and experience the magic of yoga.

We offer private yoga sessions with our yoga instructor Agnes. Let her help you open the doors to a new world. With simple body movements, break through and bring harmony to your body & spirit with every soothing breath you take. Don’t worry! You don’t have to be especially flexible! The result is not only deep relaxation therapy, but also a deep sense of soothing serenity in the face of your everyday worries. Although the sessions work well in the absence of spirituality, novice and experienced yoga fans seem to radiate a sense of inner satisfaction rooted in a visible feeling of peace at their very cores.

Price for a private yoga session: € 45,--

Yogastunde im Hotel Gletscherblick

Everything you need to experience the joys of yoga is available at the Hotel Gletscherblick: Our specially equipped yoga room, featuring natural materials and a quiet atmosphere, is perfect for inspiring you to let go. Weather permitting, Annalisa is also happy to take you up to the most beautiful, and strength-inspiring places in St. Anton am Arlberg. Outdoor yoga surrounded by nature is particularly magical and will leave you with a feeling of peace and satisfaction long after your holiday has concluded.

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