Yoga in the Hotel Gletscherblick

Hello, sun

Tree, dog, warrior or cobra… Whether you’re in on the lingo or already know these exercises inside out, our yoga teacher Agnes is ready to promote your personal mobility.

Queen of Balance

Agnes radiates the serenity that one so often chases in everyday life. Fortunately, she’s well positioned to teach others how body, mind and soul can better bend into balance.


"People often think they're not flexible enough for yoga. But that's not true! Everyone can manage simple breathing meditations and basic yoga exercises. This alone can work wonders!"


Find peace

Ooom! Our yoga room exudes the right aura— ideal for internalising the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. Natural materials, harmonious colours and concentrated silence support Agnes' gentle instructions. But as beautiful as it may be on the 1st floor, there’s no substitute for a scenic yoga session in one of ST. ANTON AM ARLBERG’S PLACES OF POWER. When the weather is fine, Agnes enjoys getting clients out into nature to better connect with the bigger picture.

Fancy some yoga?

  • Lessons available individually or in small groups up to 3 persons
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Individualised design
  • Price for a private yoga unit: €45.00
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