In the best of hands

Stress, tension, aching muscles? Our masseuse Agnes will massage it all away. Even if you just feel like doing something incredibly good for yourself, you’ll be in good hands and feeling relaxed in no time at all.

Hotel Gletscherblick Massage St. Anton

Classic massage

The strength and intensity of each massage is attuned to the personal needs and symptoms of the individual. Give yourself a break, feel warming circulation flowing through your body, sense your muscles and tendons begin to relax, and leave the stress of the day behind. This is health and wellness as an inseparable part of overall health.

50-minute full-body massage € 68,00
25-minute partial-body massage € 38,00

Sport massage

A combination of relaxing strokes with deep muscle work, for all those, who want to detach from the daily rush and would also like to soften up their contracted muscles. It is a massage, where we work on the problematic areas.

50-minute full-body massage € 68,00
25-minute partial-body massage € 38,00

Foot reflexology massage

The base of our feet is the map of our bodies. There is a reflex point on our feet for all our organs and glands, and by stimulating them, we can get our bodies back to the optimal function. No matter if we have an overactive thyroid or an under-active colon, with reflexology we can bring our bodies back to balance.

25 pampering minutes € 38,00

Hotel Gletscherblick Massage St. Anton

Thai massage

This type of massage is performed on a mat instead of a massage table and it uses passive mobilisations and stretches instead of strokes and kneading. The person receiving the treatment remains clothed and the whole process is performed without using massage oils. It is like a passive yoga session. It is very recommended for skiers and people practicing sports, as it stretches the hips, lengthens the spine and brings back mobility to overused joints.

50-minute full-body massage  € 75,00
75-minute partial-body massage € 90,00

Pregnancy massage

It is very important that ladies receive massage during pregnancy, to loosen their back aches caused by the excess weight they carry and the dimension of their breasts. It is also a very good way to treat swollen feet. This treatment is performed with basic oils, with no aromatherapy, to avoid over-stimulating the baby. Consulting with a doctor prior booking the treatment is essential. Recommended during the second trimester of the pregnancy.

25 pampering minutes  € 38,00
50 pampering minutes € 68,00

Balinese massage

This treatment combines many elements from different traditions, such as China, India and Thailand. Basically, it is a deep tissue massage with aromatic oils and some stretches/mobility work. It also incorporates acupressure and trigger point therapy, giving the best muscle release and relaxation at the same time.

50 pampering minutes € 68,00

Aromaticoil massage

Aromatic oils are gently massaged into the skin. The strokes performed are very light, circular and done mostly with the palms of the hands in a fluid manner. The aromatic oils give a sensation of calm to the receiver.

50 pampering minutes € 68,00

Hotel Gletscherblick Massage St. Anton

Kid‘s massage

Relaxing massage for kids over 6 years. The treatment is executed the presence of a parent or guardian.

25 pampering minutes € 38,00

Head massage

This treatment is very effective at relieving inner feelings of anxiety, headaches and neck pain.

25 pampering minutes € 38,00

Detox Foot Ritual

This treatment is all about getting your feet relaxed and decompressed. After a foot bath, you will receive a light foot scrub and a mud pack (optional). The mud helps decrease inflamation and has energizing properties, which are beneficial after a long day on the slopes. It is also recommended for rheumatic issues. We end the treatment with a thorough foot massage to get you ready for your next adventure.

50-minute without mud pack  € 68,00
75-minute with mud pack € 88,00

Hot stone massage

This treatment is ideal for those, who want deep relaxation and muscle release at the same time. The higher temperature of the stones helps the effect of the oils and the strokes to be felt at a deeper level, while you can get your well deserved rest. Please book your treatment at least two hours prior to your preferred appointment time, so we can prepare the stones in time.

75 pampering minutes  € 92,00

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."

Jim Rohn


If you cancel an appointment less than six hours beforehand or do not show for an arranged appointment, we charge 50%
of the massage price.


You should generally leave your valuables in your room safe. We assume no liability for valuables forgotten that go missing during the massage. We are happy to keep your valuables for you at reception.

Important information for our masseuse

Please ensure that you inform our masseuse before the beginning of the massage if you have any acute physical complaints or if you are pregnant.


Please understand that the length of the massage will be shortened accordingly in the case of a late arrival if there is an appointment directly after yours.

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